Ximal xochitl Printmaker Fellowship Wint
Zuheili Romero,
Program Fellow

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"Solidarity means to support each other as a community, as artists, and as a family...To inspire one another through your talents."

I am one of the few brown kids at my school...I started to make art that relates more to me - brown girls. As an artist, I want to touch the lives of other young brown girls like me and inspire them to love themselves and everyone around them.

pronouns: she/her
Oakland School for the Arts
9th grade
Natalie Cruz,
Program Fellow

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"To me solidarity means that we are united working together, no matter our race or background."

I am born and raised in San José, CA. 

I love helping out at community ceremonies and gatherings. I am a runner with the 500 mi American Indian Spiritual Run and the Peace & Dignity Runs.

pronouns: she/her
Downtown College Prep
11th grade

The Ximal Kalli Printmaker Fellowship is the first of its kind in the

San José/South Bay Area. This fellowship provides an opportunity for a youth artist to develop a design concept, and introduce their work to their larger community. In addition, fellows will complete one special project with Taller GiRASOL staff and participate in one SaludARTE activity and/or one SolidARTE event. 


Fellowship sessions combine in-person meetings, studio and gallery field trips, video conference workshops with master printers from around the country, as well as studio time to work on special projects. Each fellow will receive materials and equipment, and will receive 1:1 support along the way.