In January 2018, the Trump Administration announced enhanced deployment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police in response to California becoming a sanctuary state with regard to federal immigration enforcement. Threats and actual ICE visits to convenience stores like 7-Elevens, specifically targeting sanctuary cities and counties, have consolidated widespread fear and outrage throughout Northern California.  This motivated the creation of a series of "You have rights" posters to educate people about their constitutional rights during an ICE raid while highlighting the inherent resilence and courage of targeted communities.  The artist is Lisa María Castellanos, founder of Taller GiRASOL, created the poster "to amplify the work of organizations already working to defend and protect our communities."


This print was a part of a live printing event hosted by MACLA on February 2, 2018 during Downtown San Jose's First Friday event. Four Taller GiRASOL volunteers helped to print 75 twice color separated and gradient ink posters. The process, which took place in the main gallery space in from of approximately 80 visitors over the course of 3 hours, involved screen set up, test prints, printing and drying. Throughout the evening, Taller GiRASOL staff answered questions about screen production, printing techniques and the reason for the message of the posters. All posters were given away at the end of the event. The print has become a part of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center's permanent collection titled "The Art of Protest" as Poster #30, which is exhibited annually at the MLK Library at San Jose State University.