LiberARTE programs introduce community members of all ages to screen printing as art medium and community building space. 


​SaludARTE, a play on words that means "greetings" as well as "healing through art", is an invitation to break isolation and find common ground. SaludArte is a "pop up" mobile arts studio/workshop that brings screen printing to communities with the least access to an actual studio or art materials. We provide screens with pre-determined designs, paper/fabric, ink, table tops printing tables and squeegees. Trained volunteers help guide the process and questions about the process are welcomed! Folks get hands on experience pulling a screen and making several prints. We also combine other forms of printmaking, like linocut and mono print, with traditional arts, such as embroidery, paper-making and textiles.

SaludARTE! collaborates with community-based individual artists from the local area, California and beyond.


​CultivARTE seeks to germinate and cultivate a new generation of printmakers/artists of color that are rooted in social justice. Taller GiRASOL offers youth fertile ground to learn about printmaking and solidarity action through three different projects: ExpresARTE, CompARTE and Atelier Ximal Kalli.

¡ExpresARTE! Young Printmakers Workshop offers age-appropriate workshops for kids ages 10-12 years at the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.​​


CompARTE Community Service offers High School and College students a chance to earn community service hours by volunteering at Taller GiRASOL supported events while learning the basics of screen printing as a community building art form.​​

2020 CompARTE Internships - JOIN THE SQUAD! Taller GiRASOL is squad-ing up so that we can SHOW UP powerfully this year with our SolidARTE partners, at community events and mobilizations. Ideal candidates are H.S. or college students looking for community service hours, but ALL are invited to apply!

Learn more about Winter/Spring 2020 internship position descriptions and how to apply by visiting our CompARTE Internship - just click below!

Atelier Ximal Kalli is a three-level program for youth and young adults who are passionate about printmaking, sharing skills and social justice. Applicants are encouraged to volunteer with Taller GiRASOL prior to applying.

The first level is an introductory fellowship for H.S. students. Previous art experience is not required. Ximal Kalli Printmakers Fellowship is a 3 month fellowship that provides an opportunity for a youth artist to develop a design concept, and introduce their work to their larger community. In addition, fellows will complete one special project with Taller GiRASOL staff as well as participate in one SolidARTE activity. Requirements include in-person and webinar workshops, field trips and studio time. Fellows receive a project budget. Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply for the second level.

The second level is an extended apprenticeship for young adults 18-25 years old. Some art experience is preferred. Ximal Kalli Ink Apprenticeship is a 5 month apprenticeship that provides structured workshops, field trips and studio time. Apprentices are expected to coordinate community activities, develop individual projects and commit to dedicated studio time. Apprentices receive a monthly participant and travel stipend.

The third level is the final level. Upon completion, participants who successfully complete the program will be able to apply for teaching assistant and lead instructor staff positions at Taller GiRASOL. Ximal Kalli lead and assistant instructors will also be eligible to participate in Taller GiRASOL special projects, residencies and exhibitions.


SolidARTE is the heart and soul of Taller GiRASOL because it mobilizes all of our projects – volunteers, apprentices, mobile art capacity, and community engagement – for one purpose: to support and amplify the work of a community-based organization. There are three ways that the SolidARTE program shows up in solidarity. Our most basic SolidARTE is producing commissioned print or t-shirt requests for a community-based organization or group. Our second SolidARTE is a live-printing “pop-up studio” at a community event sponsored by a community-based organization or group. Our third SolidARTE is our annual Delegación Chimalxochitl.

Taller GiRASOL has selected five organizations as our core SolidARTE partners in 2020. We will consider additional

SolidARTE requests on a case-by-case basis. Click this button         to visit our SolidARTE partners page.

Delegación Chimalxochitl Delegación Chimalxochitl is a collective, multi-racial and multi-ethnic community of Latinx/Chicanx diaspora that builds transnational bridges via educational travel and collaboration with communities. Part "exposure trip" and part solidarity brigade, each delegation shows up differently. Our goal is to introduce communities to each other, and to imagine how art and culture can be vehicles of change. 


Our inaugural Delegación Chimalxochitl was in 2018. We traveled to the 1st International Gathering of Politics, Art,Sports and Culture for Women in Struggle on March 4-8th in Chiapas, México. 

In 2019, Taller GiRASOL was invited to participate in the 6th Annual NewYorkTlán Festival on Staten Island, NY. The festival is organized by the Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales (Transnational Villages Network), in collaboration with México-based APOFAM (Asamblea Popular de Familias Migrantes) and IIPSOCULTA (Instituto de Investigación y Práctica Social y Cultural, A.C.). Visit the 2019 Delegation Chimalxochitl webpage and click on the logos to learn more about these organizations. This year, the Delegations' goal are three-fold:


1) to bring live screen-printing to the festival and raise funds for the 2020 NewYorkTlán Festival


2) to provide whatever support is needed before, during and after the Festival 


3) to establish a relationship with the artists and coordinators of the Festival for future collaboration