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Showing up in these Covid and Crucible times...


 Between now and October 30th, we invite you to join a conversation about ancestors and engaged democracy. Created by GOAL Fellows, this mini conversation guide is meant to help us remember, re-learn and re-claim our ancestral lineages of resilience and struggle.


More than ever, we need connection, healing and solidarity action. While the Honoring our Ancestors conversation guide centers Meso and Central American ideas of Day of The Dead, many cultures and peoples from around the globe also honor their ancestors in unique and beautiful ways. This toolkit is for anyone and everyone who wishes to look to the past in order to see the future. 


Sign up for our Honoring Our Ancestors conversation and use the conversation guide's step-by-step instructions to bring together 4-5 of your family members in a 60 min virtual meet-up to remember ancestors and

re-learn family histories of struggle while re-claiming our voice through voting. The toolkit is free. 

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