Studio Taller GIRASOL is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural community arts and action project that merges popular and traditional arts, with social justice and solidarity action. Through art and social justice workshops, Taller GiRASOL creates spaces and moments for community, healing and power. Studio Taller GiRASOL is an acronym that stands for, 'Grabando resistencia por medio del arte y de la solidaridad' ('Engraving Resistance through Art and Solidarity.')

Studio Taller GiRASOL, pronounced Tah-yher Hee-rah-sol, means 'Studio Sunflower'. The Nahuatl interpretation, Tlachiualkalli Chimalxochitl, translates literally as 'shield-flower classroom' but figuratively, “warrior school.” Studio Taller GiRASOL embraces this last interpretation of the "shield-flower" or sunflower, as a symbol of strength and resistance, a sacred flower that protects, nourishes and heals our communities.


Studio Taller GiRASOL is housed at and fiscally sponsored by the School of Arts & Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San José, Califaztlán. Our workshops are conducted at the School of Arts & Culture, and throughout the community.


Ximopanolti timochtin Tlachihualcalli Chimalxohitl...Bienvenides al Taller GiRASOL...Welcome to Studio Taller GiRASOL!