Winter Ximal xochitl Fellowship 2018 (1)

Congratulations on being part of the first ever Ximal Xochitl Fellow’s Cohort I!

This Fellowship is the first of its kind in San José/Bay Area. The sessions will be a combination of video conference and

in-person meetings, including studio time.  Each fellow will receive materials and equipment to complete their projects at home, and will receive 1:1 support along the way. There is a field trip requirement to Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco, and an optional field trip to Woodland, Ca.  There will be one full-day, in-person printmaking workshop that will be held at the School of Arts & Culture @ MHP in San José.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Agenda's will be uploaded a week before each in-person or video conference session. Links to videos and readings for upcoming sessions will be included in Agenda documents.

  • Pre- and post- evaluations will be sent before and after each session via text.

  • You'll need access to a computer or laptop with video conferencing capability to participate in the program. Let me know asap if this is a challenge for you and we'll work something out!

  • This is an unpaid Fellowship program, however the program covers up to $200 in program-related expenses, including materials, studio fees, transportation and food. The total program expense may vary from Fellow to Fellow, depending different situations, ie specific project needs and/or distances needed to travel. 

  • Each Fellow will produce one original printed design that will be their formal introduction to their community as printmaker. Venues included craft fairs, online galleries or as part of a community exhibit.

  • Taller GiRASOL asks each Fellow to submit a Photo Release form.

  • Fellow's are responsible for the careful use and handling of any and all equipment used in the studio or at home. Each Fellow will sign an agreement that they will be 100% responsible for loss, theft or damage to any Taller GiRASOL equipment that occurs, not counting regular wear and tear.

  • 2019 Fellowship Session are as follows, however they are dates/times are flexible depending on needs!

  • January 5 | Welcome & Orientation | School of Arts & Culture (SJ) or Video conference

  • January 19| Video Session #1: Art that Builds Solidarity |  Video conference

  • January 21 | SaludARTE Event: MLK weekend community event | School of Arts & Culture (SJ)

  • February 2| Field trip #1 : Studio Screen Production | Mission Cultural Center for Latino Art (SF)

  • February 16 | In-person Workshop #1: Monochromatic prints |  School of Arts & Culture (SJ)

  • February TBD| Video Session #2: Guest Artist + special topic |  Video conference

  • March TBD| Optional In-person Workshop #2: Monochromatic prints, continued |  School of Arts & Culture (SJ)

  • March TBD | Optional Field trip #2: TANA Studio | Woodland, CA

  • March 16| Video Session #3: Guest Artist + Evaluation |  Video conference

Session Agendas + Assignments (Review agendas + handouts before sessions or meetings.)
Jan. 5 :            Welcome Orientation & Expectations
Jan. 19 :           Video Session #1
Jan. 21 :           In-person SaludARTE Event Instructions Hand-Out
Feb. 2 :            Field Trip Hand-Out
Feb. 16 :           In-person Workshop #1: Monochromatic Prints Hand-Out
Feb. TBD :       Video Session #2
March TBD :    Optional In-person Workshop #2
March TBD :    Optional Field Trip #2
March 16 :        Video Session #3
Permission and Photo Release Forms
Photo Release Form
Field Trip Permission Form